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Wednesday 4/18/2017

17.4 kc eric









Eric and Kasey




500 m row or 400 m run


B warmup:

50 partner pullovers

Two rounds of:

40 yard sled push

30 mountain climbers

20 air squats

10 push ups

5 strict Chin Ups

5 strict ring dips

Workout Warmup:

10 min emom

30 DU’s

Pullup warmup, ring row, ttb, pull up, ctb, bmu or rmu.


12 min AMRAP:

2 Pullups

2 DB Snatches,  20/35, rx+ 35/50, (if we get short on DB’s use KB’s, 16kg/12kg, RX+ 24kg/16kg) Alternate hands on DB’s.

25 DU’s

4 PU’s

4 DB Snatches

25 du’s

6 PU’s

6 DB Snatches

25 DU’s

Continue to add tw0 reps per round with a set of DU’s for 12 minutes.

O lift:


10 rounds on the 2 min.

1 HC shrug + 1 HC + 1 PC + 1 SC

Start at 65% and add weight as you can.



5 sets of a max set of strict then finish with max set of kipping.

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